Auto Air Conditioning Recharge

Bacteria, fungus, and mold can grow in your vehicle’s air conditioning system due to condensation. In addition to the smell and a clacking sound, the air conditioning is not as cold. An auto air conditioning recharge may fix this problem.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

At Absolute Automotive, we not only recharge your air conditioning, but we clean it. By cleaning out the evaporator, ventilator and air conditioning lines, we are able to kill any bacteria, fungi or mold. We also deodorize the entire air conditioning system and the interior of the vehicle. We will replenish the oil in the compressor and check for leaks or wear. Finally, you can enjoy cooler and cleaner air because of the increased efficiency.

See the Difference:

Auto Air Conditioning Recharge: AC evaporator Auto Air Conditioning Recharge: Clean AC Evaporator
Many things accumulate in your auto
air conditioning evaporator such as
bacteria, mold, fungi, and grime.
An auto air conditioning recharge
freshens interior air and improves
your A/C’s effciency.