Cooling System Service

Sometimes an engine may overheat due to corrosion caused by a coolant that is depleted in protective additives. The coolant can become extremely corrosive and eat holes in the cooling system.

The damage may clog the passageway through the radiator. Once your engine overheats due to a cooling system issue, the damage may be beyond repair.

Cooling System Solutions

To protect your cooling system from corrosion, bring your automobile into Absolute Automotive. We clean the entire cooling system and remove all debris and worn out coolant. We then replenish the system with new premium coolant. Along with the coolant are conditioners to prevent rust, corrosion and leaks.

Cooling System Issues:

Cooling System Service: Corroded Cooling System Cooling System Service: Overheated Cooling System
Without additives that protect the cooling system, corrosion may occur.
Rust and sludge can clog cooling system fans, which may lead to overheating.