Brakes Service

A spongy brake pedal or discolored brake fluid are signs of corrosion or brake fluid failure caused by moisture and heat. Over time and use, brake fluid becomes contaminated and oxidized. Take your vehicle in to Absolute Automotive in Orem for brakes service to keep you safe.

Orem Brakes Service

At Absolute Automotive, we inspect the entire brake system for leaks, corrosion, worn parts, broken or rusted valves, build-up, and air in brake lines. To give you a longer lasting braking system, we replace your old brake fluid. By being close to you in Orem, we are able to provide a brakes service to keep you safer and keep your brakes more efficient.

Brakes Service: Master Cyclinder Damage
Master Cylinder Damage:
This harmful brake master cylinder shows deposits and build-up from worn-out, oxidized brake fluid.

Brakes Service Stops Squealing

Brakes that grind and squeal should and can be quieted through repairs or replacements.

Your brakes service at Absolute Automotive begins with a complete inspection of the brake pads, drums, and rotors. Depending on their condition, worn parts are replaced and brake parts are lubricated to prevent squealing. Not only will you have less noise when you stop, but you will also have greater peace of mind.

Sanding brake pad. Treating brake pads.