Utah Transmission Service

Because of heat and time, transmission fluid can lose its color and show its age after about 30,000 miles. When the transmission fluid gets old, deposits begin to form on moving parts of the transmission. This may result in valves sticking, causing gears to be sluggish or slip as they shift. To avoid or fix this problem, get a regular transmission service in Utah.

Transmission Service in Utah

At Absolute Automotive, our Utah transmission service includes more than just removing fluid from the bottom of the pan. We clean and replenish the entire transmission with special equipment. Old, contaminated fluid is removed and replaced with new fluid and premium conditioners. This essential part of your vehicle will them shft efforlessly and smoothly.

See the Difference:

Utah Transmission Service: Valve Body Spool Utah Transmission Service: Clean Valve Body Spool
Valve body spool with deposit
Valve body spool after Utah
Transmission service.